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Take Action: Climate Change


Climate change is an ever-pressing issue for today and is a top concern for FAN’s network. This week, we encourage you to take action on one of these three opportunities to heal our physical world: Advocate: The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency is working on a Clean Fuel Standard to address the issue of pollution caused by transportation, which is the largest source of climate pollution in Washington state. This proposal would reduce the carbon intensity of transportation fuels by 25% by 2030 by setting a limit on greenhouse gas emissions. You can take action by signing the Washington Environmental Council’s letter to [...]

Take Action: Climate Change2020-07-21T14:18:37-07:00

Protecting Immigrants at our Doors


As you may have heard, two reports of immigration enforcement-related activities were reported at the end of November by programs serving people experiencing homelessness. A social worker at the family shelter hosted by Redmond United Methodist Church reported a suspicious woman who posed as someone seeking shelter, proceeded to ask detailed questions about the space, and attempted to interview other families about a family she was seeking. She was seen hours later talking with someone in a Customs and Border Patrol vehicle. This woman then appeared at the New Bethlehem Day Center for homeless families the next day. For more [...]

Protecting Immigrants at our Doors2020-07-21T13:23:12-07:00

Support the EITC and CTC


The Coalition on Human Needs is calling for action to urge Sen. Cantwell to support expanding the Earned-Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit.  These programs help working families and individuals provide for basic needs, lifting 8.9 million people out of poverty in 2018. Sen. Cantwell is supporting a major tax credit for developers to create affordable housing, but she is stopping there in her support of low income people. Call Sen. Cantwell’s DC office at 206-224-3441 between now and Monday, October 21 with this message: “Any tax package that passes this year must include an expansion of the Earned [...]

Support the EITC and CTC2019-12-18T10:55:23-08:00

Federal Rule Changes


As a seemingly nonstop flurry of federal rule changes are proposed by the Trump administration, we are thankful for small successes and call for continued action to protect our neighbors. We were excited to hear last week that in a multi-state battle against Public Charge, a federal judge in Spokane issued a nation-wide injunction to block this policy from taking effect on October 15 while the cases continue. Thank you to all who commented on and spread the word about this unjust policy that targets the well-being of immigrant families. Other rule changes are still accepting comments – take action today to stop [...]

Federal Rule Changes2020-07-21T12:35:00-07:00

Take Risks. Think Strategically. Ask for Help. Do It Anyway. (Kol Nidre 5780)


 Yom Kippur sermon by Rabbi Seth Goldstein from Temple Hatfiloh “One who destroys a single life, it is as if one has destroyed an entire world. One who saves a single life, it is as if they have saved an entire world.” This is a teaching from the Talmud, a powerful, important teaching—one that invokes the preciousness of human life, and the care we must show to our fellow human beings. It is a line that even shows up at the end of the movie Schindler’s List, when the surviving Jews present Oskar Schindler with a ring engraved with this phrase, [...]

Take Risks. Think Strategically. Ask for Help. Do It Anyway. (Kol Nidre 5780)2020-01-07T14:11:26-08:00

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