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Cluster Meetings are organized by FAN and the faith communities in our Network of Advocating Faith Communities (NAFC) whenever a cluster chooses, but mostly during the interim time between legislative sessions (April through November). Smaller, geographically-grouped Cluster Meetings allow for greater opportunity for advocates and communities to interact and discuss regional issues. These meetings also allow for closer networking with FAN given the diversity of our state’s geographic areas.

The three main foci for meetings are:

  1. To build closer relationships between all the faith communities of the specific Cluster group
  2. To provide a space to hear advocacy updates from Advocating Faith Communities and FAN
  3. To strategize together on advocacy plans/events for the coming year
FAN Cluster Meeting

Cluster Directory

Below are the Cluster Meeting groupings for faith communities in FAN’s network. Click on any of the links below to view the faith communities in that area.

Capitol Hill/Central District2022-12-31T16:12:24-08:00
Central Washington2022-12-31T16:13:01-08:00
Downtown Seattle2022-12-31T16:14:40-08:00
East King County2023-01-31T17:36:36-08:00
Greater Everett Area2023-02-14T11:52:55-08:00
Kitsap County/Olympic Peninsula2023-01-02T17:06:07-08:00
North Seattle2023-04-06T11:52:24-07:00
Phinney Ridge2022-12-31T17:07:04-08:00
South King County2022-12-31T17:09:42-08:00
South Seattle/Beacon Hill2022-12-31T17:10:32-08:00
Spokane/Eastern Washington2023-04-06T11:54:37-07:00
Tacoma/Pierce County2023-04-29T12:16:48-07:00
University District2023-02-17T10:07:38-08:00
Vancouver/Southwest Washington2022-12-31T17:17:56-08:00
West Seattle2022-12-31T17:20:06-08:00

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