Working Groups are volunteer-led, FAN-supported efforts to connect FAN advocates with the issues they are most passionate about. Our most active working groups are Economic Justice and Health Care, and historically we have also had Criminal Justice, Environmental Justice, and Human Trafficking groups.

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Each working group meets and works to more effectively: 

  • Communicate with legislators and public officials
  • Advance initiatives and encourage voting
  • Educate the community
  • Organize public actions

Like our Legislative Agenda, the priorities of each working group change and adapt to current activity in the legislature and events in public discourse. Generally, they tackle the critical issues and reforms needed to make Washington more just, compassionate, and sustainable:

  • Economic Justice: This working group meets and strategizes to create a more equitable tax structure, push for living wages and fair workplace standards for all Washington workers, and to find solutions that minimize the wealth inequalities that disadvantage communities of color, immigrant communities, women, and others. Learn more about the Economic Justice Working Group.
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  • Health Care: This working group meets and strategizes to protect and advance public programs and institutions that address hunger, mental health, those living with disabilities, and others who need public assistance to access adequate health care.
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  • Criminal Justice: This working group meets and strategizes to advance criminal justice reforms in Washington that prioritize restorative justice, minimize recidivism, reduce rates of incarceration, create police accountability, and dismantle systemic racism within the criminal justice system.
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  • Human Trafficking: This working group convenes to educate and advocate against human trafficking, especially labor trafficking. Our goals are to:
    • Develop strategies to advance public policy solutions to end human trafficking, including supporting fair trade policies and equipping the criminal justice system to adequately respond;
    • Work in coalition to provide ecumenical, multifaith and secular opportunities for people to learn about and take action on human trafficking;
    • Highlight the disproportionate impact of human trafficking on people of color and foreign born residents and advocate for appropriate solutions.
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