2021 Legislative Agenda

Each year the FAN Governing Board, in conversation with justice organizations, our Network of Advocating Faith Communities, individual advocates, and staff, approve FAN’s Legislative Agenda which guides our work during the legislative session. We will be adding and adjusting priorities as we prepare for the 2021 session, so check back here for updates.

Download the 2021 Legislative Agenda here.

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Advocating for a Biennial Budget that Reflects our Values as a State

Support revenue bills that balance our tax code and promote racial equity by closing the tax break on Capital Gains (SB 5096 Sen. Robinson) and establishing a 1% Wealth Tax on extraordinary financial intangible assets (HB 1406 Rep. Frame).

Support Emergency Cash Assistance bills for our most at-risk families such as the Working Families Tax Credit (HB 1297 Rep. Thai/SB 5387 Sen. Nguyen).

Support the Washington Anti-Poverty Advocates Group priorities such as no cuts to Temporary Aid to Needy Families, Housing & Essential Needs, Aged/Blind/Disabled programs (TANF/HEN/ABD) (SB 5214 Sen. Nguyen).

Support the Communities for Our Colleges Coalition priorities for funding to create greater access to educational and training programs at community and technical colleges (HB 1318 Rep. Pollet/SB 5194 Sen. Liias).

Create emergency measures to expand cash and food assistance during the economic upheaval caused by COVID-19 (HB 1151 Rep. Leavitt).

Reforming our Policing & Criminal Justice Systems

Change police culture by establishing civil causes of action for money damages, and prohibit officers and their employers from raising qualified immunity as a defense (HB 1202 Rep. Thai).

Mandate use of de-escalation by law enforcement and use of deadly force only as a last resort (HB 1310 Rep. Johnson).

Create an Office for Independent Criminal Investigations (HB 1267 Rep. Entenman) and a Special Prosecutor (HB 1507 Rep. Entenman).

Prohibit unnecessary police tactics (HB 1054 Rep. Johnson).

Strengthen decertification and licensing standards for law enforcement and support reforms at the Criminal Justice Training Commission (HB 1082 Rep. Goodman/SB 5051 Sen. Pedersen).

Support the Driving While License Suspended (DWLS-3) reform bill (Rep. Johnson/SB 5226 Sen. Pedersen).

Examine and reduce law enforcement-related entrapment of our youth (Rep. Senn).

Address racial disparities in prison populations by increasing earned time for good behavior to 33% of a sentence for eligible sentences (request bill for the Department of Corrections) (HB 1282 Rep. Simmons/SB 5285 Sen. Nguyen).

Creating Housing Opportunities & Preventing Homelessness

Increase funding for the Housing Trust Fund by $250M.

Pass the Eviction Reform bill (SB 5160 Sen. Kuderer).

Pass the Just Cause and Rental Assistance bills (HB 1236 Rep. Macri).

Increase the Real Estate Document Recording Fee ($100M) (HB 1277 Rep. Ormsby/SB 5279 Sen. Robinson).

Support the Housing Justice bill to limit discrimination by landlords for those coming out of prison (Rep. Davis/Sen. Darneille).

Addressing Climate Change

Pass the Clean Fuels Standards bill (HB 1091 Rep. Fitzgibbon/SB 5231 Sen. Stanford).

Pass the Healthy Environment for All (HEAL) Act 2.0 (Rep. Lekanoff/Sb 5141 Sen. Saldaña).

Pass the Electric Vehicles by 2030 bill (HB 1204 Rep. Macri/SB 5256 Sen. Liias).

Support the WA Strong Green Recovery Bonds bill (SB 5373 Sen. Lovelett).

Protecting Immigrants, Civil and Human Rights for All

Support the Local Options Voting bill to lift restrictions on voting options which would allow local jurisdictions to create ballot options such ranked choice voting (HB 1156 Rep. Harris-Talley).

Pass the Voting Rights Restoration bill for those coming out of prison (HB 1078 Rep. Simmons/SB 5086 Sen. Kuderer).

Support restrictions on the open-carry gun rights statute in public places (HB 1234 Rep. Senn).

Require background checks on all magazine-sized purchases and prohibit magazines of more than ten rounds (Sen. Liias).

Pass the Insurance Credit Scoring prohibition bill to create more parity for communities of color (Rep. Kirby/SB 5010 Sen. Das).

Remove the exemption in the Office of Civil Legal Aid program for undocumented residents (HB 1072 Rep. Lekanoff/Sen. Saldaña).

Create Unemployment Insurance benefits for undocumented workers (Rep. Gregerson/SB 5438 Sen. Saldaña).

Support the Private Prison prohibition bill (HB 1090 Rep. Ortiz-Self).

Ban the inappropriate use of Native American names, symbols, or images as public school mascots, logos, or team names. (HB 1356 Rep. Lekanoff).

Pass the Juneteenth paid holiday bill (HB 1016 Rep. Morgan).

Pass Initiative 1300, the Manuel Ellis Washington Anti-Discrimination Act (MEWADA), to reinstate affirmative action in Washington State.

Ensuring Healthcare & Mental Health Access

Support the Dental Therapy reform bill (SB 5142 Sen. Frockt).

Establish the Universal Health Care Commission to create a pathway to universal health care for all in WA State (SB 5399 Sen. Randall).

Support expansion of healthcare coverage in medical and dental insurance plans for undocumented residents to create more economic parity (HB 1191 Rep. Thai/Sen. Randall).

Increase funding for Public Health programs.

Invest in more healthcare professionals on public health boards (HB 1110 Rep. Riccelli).

Support the Treatment Recovery Act (HB 1499 Rep. Davis).