FAN’s 2020 Legislative Agenda

Our Legislative Agenda reflects top priorities that have arisen with input from FAN advocates, our Program Committee, the coalitions we work with, and approved by FAN’s Governing Board. We have a short session this year, from January 13 – March 13, so be on the lookout for action alerts each week with updates on legislation and ways you can raise your voices.

Our Legislative Agenda is available below by issue topic, or you can download the 2020 Legislative Agenda.

Learn more about these bills on our Issue Fact Sheets page.

Working Families Tax Credit

Advocating for Economic Justice and Reducing Poverty

Eliminate the tax break on Capital Gains (HB 1343 Tarleton/SB 5129 Rolfes).

Fund the Working Families Tax Credit (HB 1527 Entenman/SB 5810 Nguyen), and pass the Individual Tax Identification Number bill to ensure that those in the undocumented community who are ITIN filers are included in WFTC benefits (HB 2521 Thai/SB 6557 Saldaña).

Pass the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) bill to increase access and address racial disparities (HB 2441 Entenman/SB 6478 Nguyen).

Pass the GRADS Bill to increase support for teenage parents and their children by providing subsidized child care (HB 2455 Kilduff/SB 6255 C. Wilson).

Support the Anti-Hunger and Nutrition priorities: $1.3M for the Department of Health for fresh fruits and veggies; increase the WIC/Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program voucher amount (HB 2262 Leavitt/SB 6309 Lovelett).

Support the Tax on Extreme Wealth Bill (SB 6017 Nguyen).

Reform the tax exemption structure by eliminating the pharmaceutical tax preference ($38M) (SB 2734 Rep. Davis). Pass the Tax Exemption and Transparency bill (HB 1703 Pollet).

Pass the creation of a State Bank bill (SB 5995 Hasegawa).

Restoring Justice in our Criminal Justice System

Decriminalize the Driving While License Suspended 3 (DWLS-3) criminal code (SB 6153 Salomon).

Pass the Death Penalty Repeal bill (HB 1488 Orwall/SB 5339 Carlyle).

Pass the Clean Slate bill to create an automatic removal of certain misdemeanors and some felonies (HB 2793 Rep. Hansen).

Pass the Post-Conviction Review Board bill to evaluate qualifying prisoners for early release (SB 6530 Dhingra).

Pass the Housing Justice for All bill that would remove discrimination for those exiting prison as they apply for housing (HB 2878 Davis/SB 6490 Darneille).

Pass the Voting Rights Restoration bill for those exiting state prisons (HB 2292 Dolan/SB 6228 Kuderer).

Pass the Corrections Education to Further Reentry Success bill (HB 2299 Leavitt/SB 6576 Darneille).

Creating Housing Opportunities and Preventing Homelessness

Increase funding for the Housing Trust Fund through use of the Capital Budget ($10M).

Increase the length of housing vouchers for those exiting prison (SB 5441 Nguyen).

Pass the Just Cause bill to curb landlord privilege by requiring a legitimate business reason to evict a tenant (HB 2453 Macri/SB 6379 Kuderer).

Pass the renters’ bill to require landlords to provide a move-in fee installment plan over three months’ time upon a tenant’s request (HB 1694 Morgan).

Eliminate the shelter penalty for Aged, Blind, & Disabled (ABD) recipients.

Pass the Homeless ID Card Bill (HB 2834 Harris/SB 6426 Cleveland).

Addressing Climate Change

Support the Clean Fuel Standards bill, which cuts greenhouse gas emissions from transportation fuels (HB 1110 Fitzgibbon/SB 5412 Saldaña).

Pass the Plastic Bag Ban bill, which establishes minimum state standards for use of plastic bags at all retail businesses (HB 1205 Peterson/SB 5323 Das).

Pass the Sustainable Farms and Fields bill to reduce carbon emissions produced by agriculture (HB 2095 Walsh/SB 5947 McCoy).

Support the Electric Bike Bill (Rep. Shewmake).

Protecting Immigrants, Civil and Human Rights for All

Give authority to Washington State Patrol to destroy firearms that they come into possession of.

Ban the purchase of semi-automatic weapons (HB 2241 Peterson/SB 6076 Kuderer).

Support the high capacity magazine restriction bill, which restricts the sale, manufacture, transfer, and possession of gun magazines holding over 10 rounds (HB 2240 Valdez/SB 6077 Kuderer).

Pass the Courts Open to All bill to prohibit communication with and arrests by ICE/Customs and Border Patrol agents within and outside county courthouses (HB 2567 Thai/SB 6522 Wellman).

Pass the Eliminate Private Detention to Ensure Public Safety bill (HB 2576 Ortiz-Self/SB 6442 Saldaña).

Pass the H-2A Farm Labor Contract bill (SB 6261 Sen. McCoy).

Pass State Racial Equity Bill (HB 1783 Gregerson/SB 5776 Dhingra).

Prohibit the practice of swatting (making false threats of violence via 911 calls) to further reduce hate crimes (HB 2632 Valdez/SB 6295 Salomon).

Support funding for the continuing transformation of the Seattle Vocational Institute via the Central District Public Development Authority ($10M).

Create more checks and balances on nuclear weapons policy to reduce the possibility of nuclear war (HJM 4008 Tarleton/SJM 8006 Hasegawa).

Ensuring Healthcare and Mental Health Access

Expand Medicaid to age 26 for all, including for undocumented youth (HB 1697 Macri/SB 5814 Nguyen).

Centralize the mental health Ombuds Offices into one (HB 2386 Rep. Cody).

Pass the Dental Therapy bill to increase access to dental care in underserved areas (HB 1317 Cody/SB 5392 Frockt).