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Faith Action Network is a multi-faith, non-profit organization though which thousands of people and over 160 faith communities across Washington State partner for the common good. Together, we are powerful voices of faith and conscience advocating for a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world. Join us on this journey!




Faith Action Network is…

an interfaith statewide partnership striving for a just, compassionate, and sustainable world through community building, education, and courageous public action.

FAN Values

FAN partners with people of faith and conscience from diverse traditions and cultures. Our diversity helps inform the many issues we care about, and our shared values guide us in acting together for justice on these issues.

FAN is made up of advocates and faith communities across Washington State. Our local work inspires our statewide advocacy efforts in Olympia, which guides the issues we seek to address nationally.

The work of FAN happens on the community level: faith leaders and advocates working together for the common good. FAN helps build partnerships among local faith communities and organizations so that our advocacy efforts are amplified. Connecting with your Cluster group is a great way to get started!

Much of our work is in the details – what are the issues? Who do they affect? Which laws and policies are creating unjust systems, and how do we work for equitable change? FAN educates in faith communities, through community forums, and through our four main events of the year. See our Events Calendar for upcoming opportunities or email fan@fanwa.org to propose an educational event near you.

FAN is on the ground when issues affect our communities – we rally, we march, and we advocate for change in the halls of power. In our current political climate, we are also responding to rapidly-changing federal rules that directly affect the most vulnerable in our communities. Stay connected by subscribing to FAN E-News and Alerts.

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