Faith Community Liaisons help foster connection and communication between the FAN office and faith communities in Faith Action Network. A liaison will:

  • Encourage others in your faith community to attend FAN events, especially our four annual events:
  • Help publicize FAN events in your faith community’s publications, such as bulletins, newsletters, websites, etc. Update FAN on your faith community’s social justice and advocacy efforts.
  • Provide FAN with any updated information concerning your faith community, such as changes in leadership, address, and current advocates within your faith community
  • Communicate and work with FAN’s District Coordinator for your legislative district, if applicable
  • Make sure your faith community’s registration form is complete – 3 commitment areas (education, advocacy, financial support)
  • Help secure regular financial support for Faith Action Network

If you are interested in being a liaison for your faith community, once it is part of our Network of Advocating Faith Communities, please contact us at