As vaccines become more readily available, FAN is partnering with the WA State Department of Health to ensure equity in vaccine access and distribution across our state. COVID-19 continues to be a threat to our local and global neighbors, so please continue to follow CDC recommendations for safe practices and encourage everyone you know to get vaccinated as quickly as possible! Dr. Umair A. Shah, Secretary of Health for the WA State Department of Health, shares a message of encouragement in the video to the right —>

Use this section of the Advocacy Toolkit to learn more about COVID-19, vaccine access, and how faith communities can play a part in equitable distribution of vaccines.

National Resources

Local Resources

Local Health Departments and Districts
Find regional updates through the County Public Health Map where you can click on local jurisdictions.

Vaccine Resources

Finding a Vaccine
Vaccines are now available to all, ages 12+. Find a vaccine near you through the Department of Health Vaccine Locator, the WA COVID Vaccine Finder,, or the Vaccine locator in 30 languages.

  • is a grassroots-led Facebook group which has connected hundreds of thousands of people who have had difficulty finding or accessing vaccines – consider joining if you are having trouble finding a vaccine or would like to support others in receiving theirs.
  • The Department of Health has launched a mobile vaccine Care-A-Van to reach communities that are disproportionately affected by COVID-19. See this flyer and their website for more information and to request a visit!
  • Need help accessing transportation to a vaccine clinic? Use this guide to find a free ride!

Vaccine Hesitancy
Some communities and individuals may be afraid or hesitant to receive the vaccine. Trusted messengers such as faith leaders can play a key role in assuring community members of vaccine safety and building confidence. See this vaccine FAQ guide for faith leaders for tips and this COVID-19 Vaccine Safety flyer from the Department of Health.

  • A research article on the importance of faith communities in vaccine distribution and confidence.
  • Black Health Matters – The Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle created a presentation on the history of medical trauma committed against the Black community and how this affects vaccine hesitancy today.
  • The Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America has issued a statement in support of the COVID-19 vaccine to encourage Muslims who are hesitant to receive it.
  • Vaccinate WA has provided a Discussion Guide for building confidence in COVID-19 vaccines for people experiencing homelessness.
  • Interfaith Youth Core is hosting trainings for college students and community organizations to encourage vaccination from a diverse faith lens. Learn more about the Faith in the Vaccine program here.

Vaccine Equity
This report by the Department of Health shows vaccine coverage by race and ethnicity in WA State counties for April 2021. The gaps in coverage show where our work is most needed to keep everyone in WA State safe and healthy.

  • Learn more about specific communities that may be disproportionately affected by COVID-19 and equitable vaccine distribution.