Last push for the budget: Please email your legislators TODAY and THIS WEEKEND using the links and suggested actions provided here:

Ask them to vote for the full $30M support package for refugee support.

Legislative Session Coming to an End

We are nearing the March 10 end of the 2022 Legislative Session! Bills that passed both House and Senate without added amendments by the opposite chamber are signed by the Speaker of the House and Senate President, then sent to the Governor for review and signing. After today, the bills that passed with amendments will need to go through the CONCURRENCE process between chambers.

This week the Senate voted in favor of adopting SR 8662, a resolution supporting Ukrainians and Ukrainian-Americans as they bear the unprovoked military invasion of their homeland. The House and Senate each have added amendments to their budget proposals to provide services and temporary housing to refugees who come from Ukraine. Gov. Inslee joined in ordering a review of whether state money is going to Russian companies or investments supporting the Russian government: “If our state can put one brick in the wall around Putin, it will be a good thing, and we intend to do all that we can in this regard.”

REFUGEE SUPPORT: Our coalition partners including MAPS-AMEN, WA Immigrant Solidarity Network, and Seattle Indivisible, led efforts in advocating for more funding for all refugees, including our Afghan neighbors. These efforts generated over 4,000 emails and hundreds of calls.

CAPITAL GAINS: Washington’s new capital gains tax has been overturned by a Douglas County judge. Attorney General Bob Ferguson says he will appeal to the State Supreme Court.

MASK MANDATE: Washington’s indoor mask mandate will now lift on March 12 instead of March 21. The announcement was made jointly by the governors of California, Oregon, and Washington. Gov. Inslee cited dropping COVID cases and hospitalization rates for lifting the mandate 10 days earlier than previously announced.

Bills Headed to the Governor’s Desk

Several bills on our legislative agenda were passed by both the House and Senate this week.

Indigenous Rights:
HB 1725 – Creating an endangered missing person advisory designation for missing indigenous persons.

HB 1099 – Improving the state’s climate response. This bill would add a goal of environmental resiliency to the listed goals of the Growth Management Act (GMA) and add an environmental resiliency element to the list of elements that must be included within the comprehensive plans certain counties and cities must adopt under the GMA. It also requires the environmental resiliency element of the comprehensive plan of certain counties and cities to address the environment-related problems specific to the jurisdiction.

Gun Responsibility:
HB 1705 – Closing ghost guns loophole.

HB 1630 – Restricting weapons in certain locations such as school board meetings and election facilities. Of note, openly carried weapons have been banned in both chambers for several years. Both the House and Senate set up a metal detector for their respective galleries last month. Of all the bills that passed their opposite houses this week, the gun responsibility bills had the tightest votes.

Economic and Food Justice:
HB 1878 – Expanding free lunches to all students by increasing public school participation in the community eligibility provision of the United States Department of Agriculture.

HB 1833 – Establishing statewide multilingual tools for school meal applications and programs.

HB 1888 – Expanding eligibility for the Working Families Tax Credit (WFTC).

HB 2075 – Reducing call center wait times and providing in-person services at the Washington Department of Social & Health Services by establishing service requirements.

SB 5649 – Modifying Washington’s paid family medical leave act to make it more accessible.

SB 5838 – Adding a monthly diaper subsidy for families receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).

We are still awaiting the outcomes TODAY for a few of our bills:

SB 5078 – Restricting high-capacity magazines.
HB 1723 – Closing the digital equity divide.
HB 1616 – Expanding charity hospital care.
HB 1169 – De-stacking sentencing enhancements.

To learn more about FAN’s policy work, please contact Policy Engagement Director Kristin at

Working Together to End Violence

FAN is collaborating with a new project called CURE:PDX, recently launched to apply a public health model to interrupt the spread of extremist violence and develop resiliency in Portland and Southwest Washington.

Next week (March 11-12), the project is hosting their first free, in-person events. These public events will feature interventionists Ryan Lo’ Ree and Daryl Davis sharing their lived experiences and their hope to turn around the violence in the Pacific Northwest.

Attendance in-person with masks:

Friday, March 11, 3 pm at the Portland Building, please register here.
Friday, March 11, 7 pm at Kelso United Methodist Presbyterian Church, please register here.
Saturday, March 12, 1 pm at Portland United Methodist Church, please register here.

We are grateful for FAN faith leaders who have already stepped up to host and consult with this project. For questions or to connect with CURE:PDX, contact Elise at

Protecting Faith Communities

From the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle: Monday, March 7, 6-7:30pm (in-person and on Zoom) – Faith and minority leaders from across Washington State will gather for A Special Event: Protecting Faith and Minority Communities in Washington State. Hate-motivated extremist attacks on houses of worship and organizations serving minority communities in the US have been on the rise. Here in Washington State, we are no stranger to threats and violence. In the first of a five-part series, local leaders from the US Departments of Justice and Homeland Security, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation will share what they are doing to protect houses of worship and other targeted institutions from domestic terrorism, hate crimes, and more. They will also hear from us the most significant safety and security challenges facing our communities.  Pre-registration required.


The Meaningful Movies Project is looking for a new, part-time manager who cares deeply about social justice and understands the importance of documentary film as a way to educate people about important issues, spark dialogue, and inspire action. Find the job description here.

A Solution to Homelessness in Your Town: Public presentation by Charles Durrett on Friday, April 8, 7:30pm, at University Friends Meeting, 4001 9th Ave NE, Seattle. Based on a Co-Housing model for elders and veterans in California. For more information, email or call Charles at 916-716-6721 or Dan Nord at 206-271-4143.

Help SHARE/WHEEL Tent City 3 find a new host site by April 2. Contact FAN Partnership Coordinator Elizabeth at