One of the bills we are highlighting for action this week is SB 5373 the WA Strong Act. This bill will both curb carbon pollution in our state and help with economic recovery – a two-for-one deal! Thank you to Carbon WA for the graphic above-left. This week FAN advocate Beth Prevo (right) testified for HB 1090, the Private Prison ban which would end contracts with the NW Detention Center and prevent future private prisons. Thank you Beth and Immanuel Presbyterian Church for standing for immigrant rights!

Take Action!

Bills are now moving through the opposite chamber – let’s keep up the momentum and push them all the way to the Governor’s desk! Please add your own language to the email prompts:

  • Environmental justice and economic recovery: WA Strong (SB 5173 Sen. Lovelett) – This bill creates green recovery bonds to curb carbon pollution and support economic recovery. Email Chair Sen. Carlyle and your Senator to ask them to bring this bill up for a vote if they are on the Environment & Energy Committee.
  • Just Cause Evictions (HB 1236 Rep. Macri) – This bill strengthens renter protections by preventing unlawful lease provisions and limiting reasons for eviction. Email your Senator to ask them to bring this bill up for a vote if they are on the Housing & Local Government Committee.
  • Private Prison ban (HB 1090 Rep. Ortiz-Self) – This bill bans private prison in WA State. Email your Senator to ask them to bring this bill up for a vote if they are on the Human Services, Reentry & Rehabilitation Committee.

Click here to see which committees your Senators sit on. You can also call the Legislative Hotline to advocate for these bills at 1-800-562-6000. To learn more about each bill, go to and enter the bill number or check out FAN’s Issue Fact Sheets and Bill TrackerAnother great way to stay engaged this session is by attending your legislators’ town hall meetings and advocating for the bills you want to keep moving!

Week Nine

Monday and Tuesday were the final two days of floor action for bills to advance to the other chamber. Monday’s big achievement was getting SB 5226 – Driving While License Suspended (DWLS) out of the Senate, which was no easy task as many are opposed to this bill. A modified amendment to an amendment FAN opposed was approved and the bill is now in House Transportation Committee awaiting scheduling for a hearing. The lobby team will be working to make the bill stronger with an amendment. Tuesday’s big achievement was the passage of HB 1297 – Working Families Tax Credit (WFTC) which is scheduled for a hearing next Tuesday in the Senate Human Services Committee.

Wednesday through Friday were busy days filled with committee hearings. Key bills for FAN were:

  • Wednesday
    • HB 1091 – Clean Fuels Standards
    • HB 1078 – Voting Rights Restoration – will be voted on 3/12
    • HB 1016 – Juneteenth holiday
    • HB 1342 – Eliminating school lunch co-pays – will be voted on 3/12
  • Thursday
    • HB 1054 – Police Tactics prohibition
    • HB 1236 – Just Cause eviction
    • HB 1072 – Civil legal aid for undocumented people – voted out of committee to Rules
    • HB 1090 – Private Detention ban
    • SB 5051 – Decertification for law enforcement
  • Friday
    • HB 1356 – Ban on Native American mascots

Looking Ahead to Week Ten

There will be committee hearings and executive sessions all week long on bills that passed to the opposite chamber:

  • Monday hearings:
    • HB 1267 – Independent Investigations in the Senate Law & Justice Committee (vote on Thursday)
    • SB 5096 – Capital Gains tax in the House Finance Committee
    • HB 1282 – Earned Time for Good Behavior in the House Appropriations Committee
  • Tuesday:
    • HB 1297 – Working Families Tax Credit (WFTC) – hearing in the Senate Human Services Committee (vote on Thursday)
    • HB 1310 – Use of deadly force – hearing in the Senate Law & Justice Committee (vote on Thursday)
    • HB 1090 – Private detention ban – vote in the Senate Human Services, Reentry & Rehabilitation Committee
    • HB 1044 – Post-secondary education in prisons – vote in the Senate Human Services, Reentry & Rehabilitation Committee
  • Wednesday:
    • Revenue Forecast
    • Cascade Care health care bill
  • Thursday:
    • HB 1054 – Decertification for law enforcement – vote in the Senate Committee on Law & Justice
  • Friday:
    • SB 5164 – Resentencing for Robbery 2 convictions – hearing in the House Public Safety Committee
    • 5141 – HEAL act – vote in the House Environment & Energy Committee

Western WA: Stand with the Duwamish

The Duwamish Tribe has fought tirelessly for decades to receive federal recognition, and they are again seeking our help to reinstate the recognition they deserve as original peoples of the land where the city of Seattle is now located. Official federal recognition can make the difference for funding, resources, and rights, and it is our duty as residents on Indigenous land to support the well-being of the tribes in our area. The Duwamish briefly received federal recognition during the Clinton Administration but were denied during the following Bush Administration. We have the opportunity now to push Congress to restore this vital status – please sign the petition today and share it widely.

Breaking White Silence 2021 Spring Study Groups

Breaking White Silence Northwest will sponsor three study groups this Spring. All the study groups are given at no charge and led by experienced facilitators. Although they strongly encourage everyone to buy their own copy of Robin DiAngelo’s What Does It Mean to Be White? (Revised Edition), they do have copies available to borrow for the duration of the study group.

Suzanne Engelberg will facilitate a Zoom-based study group with a maximum of seven participants. The study group will be Sundays from 1-3 PM for six consecutive Sundays, starting April 11 and ending May 16. To register, email Suzanne at

Chava Monastersky and Cecily Kaplan will facilitate a Zoom-based study group with a maximum of six participants. The study group will be Sundays from 4-6 PM starting April 11 and ending May 9. To register, email Cecily Kaplan at

Paul Finley and Jen Davison will facilitate a Zoom-based study group with a maximum of eight participants. The study group will be Mondays from 7 to 8:45 PM on April 19, May 3, May 17, May 31, June 14, June 21. (Please note that the second to the last date is a change from what was in an earlier announcement). With one exception (5/31 and 6/14), these are on alternating weeks. To register, email Paul Finley at

If you have any questions, please email