FAN Staff Paul and Jaspreet provided virtual testimony last week for SB 1267 Establishing the Office for Independent Investigations, and SB 5194 Community and Technical Colleges, respectively. Have you taken advantage of this virtual opportunity to support the bills you care about? Send us a screenshot so we can highlight your advocacy!

Take Action!

We have two opportunities to Take Action this week as we are nearing the fiscal cutoff for bills next Monday. Both of these bills are scheduled for executive session on Monday 2/22 in the Ways & Means Committee. Click here to see if your Senator is on that committee, and ask for their vote if so. Either way, email your Senator to let them know that these bills matter to you:

Week Six

Monday was the last day for policy bills to be heard and passed, or they are dead for this year. Here are some of the bills that continued to make progress this week:

  • HB 1356 (Rep. Lekanoff) – Prohibiting Native American mascots – Voted out of Education and now in Rules.
  • SB 5051 (Sen. Pedersen) – Decertification Standards for police officers – Voted out of Ways & Means and now in Rules.
  • SB 5226 (Sen. Salomon) – Driving While License Suspended – Voted out of Law & Justice and now in Rules.
  • HB 1044 (Rep. Leavitt) – Postsecondary Education in Prisons – Voted out of Appropriations and now in Rules.
  • HB 1372 (Rep. Lekanoff) – Billy Frank, Jr. statue – Voted out of Appropriations and now in Rules.
  • SB 5096 (Sen. Robinson) – Instituting a tax on capital gains – Voted out of Ways & Means and now in Rules.
  • HB 1202 (Rep. Thai) – Creates the ability to sue a police officer if bodily harm occurred – Voted out of Appropriations and now in Rules.
  • HB 1203 (Rep. J. Johnson) – Creates community oversight councils for police officers – Voted out of Appropriations and now in Rules.

Bills that are scheduled for a hearing or vote on Friday 2/19:

BREAKING NEWS! Bills that passed on Friday 2/19:

Bills that did not make it out of committee in time include:

In the US Congress, HR 40 – the study commission on reparations for African Americans – was heard on Wednesday.

Looking Ahead to Week Seven

Monday is the fiscal cutoff – bills need to be voted out of their fiscal committees by the end of the day or they are dead for the session. From 2/23 through 3/9, the House and Senate will be on the remote floors amending, speaking to, and voting on bills that are in the Rules committees. Stay tuned for emails from FAN regarding bill updates or go to

FAN will be participating next week with the Balance Our Tax Code (BOTC) coalition’s WEEK OF ACTION for progressive revenue like the capital gains tax to fund #RevenueforRecovery, especially the Working Families Tax Credit. Please follow along via our Facebook and Twitter, and consider what actions you might want to join in on. If you would like to be part of FAN’s Economic Justice Work Group that focuses on these BOTC issues, email and we will add you to those special alerts.

  • Today/weekend — Ready to write a Letter to the Editor of your local paper? Contact us at to let us know, or go right ahead and use this helpful LTE toolkit. Please do let us know if you are submitting as we are helping track responses.
  • Monday — RSVP for BOTC’s Online event: Mon, Feb 22 at noon. RSVP here.
  • Tuesday  Text BankTues, Feb 23 5-7PM. Invite young people + caregivers to participate. RSVP here (details to follow).
  • Wednesday — Social Media Day of ActionWed, Feb 24: Follow FAN’s Twitter for Tweet storm, 12-1PM, and Facebook posts to share throughout the day.
  • ThursdayEmail Take Action LinkThursday Feb 25. Look for an email about this from FAN on Thursday from our Economic Justice Working Group leaders—please take action that day and share it with others.
  • ThursdayPhone BankThurs, Feb 25 5-7PM Either volunteer yourself or organize 1-2 volunteers to phone bank for your org; sign up here or contact phone bank organizer Tucker (Invest in WA Now) with questions.
  • FridayThank Yous to WA LegislatorsFriday Feb 26. Send personal thank yous to bill sponsors and champions. Amplify social media thank you posts.
  • All Week: Do you have a connection with people in your communities who will be impacted by having progressive revenue for recovery efforts, like the Working Families Tax Credit? Contact us at if you do.

Join Us for Central WA Advocacy Day!

We have one more Advocacy Day this year, and we’d love for you to join! In Central WA, we will gather this Saturday, February 20, for Advocacy Day with the theme Moving Past Crisis and Into Action. Register here for a morning of legislative overview, a panel discussion on policies affecting immigrants, and breakout action groups on Poverty, Climate, Redistricting, Healthcare, and Immigration. We will emphasize collective actions we can take to move the policies forward, both locally and at the state level. Interpretation for Spanish speakers provided – please let us know if you’ve invited guests who need this service.

Meet the New Secretary of Health, Dr. Shah!

Faith leaders of all backgrounds are invited to a meeting Monday, March 1 at 2:00pm with Umair A. Shah, MD, MPH, the new Secretary of Health for the State of Washington. You will have the chance to virtually meet Dr. Shah, learn about his background, discuss vaccine distribution in WA state, COVID-related concerns faith leaders/communities may have, and engage in a discussion of the role faith leaders can play in the road ahead. Register for the link at