The Faith Action Network Governing Board has unanimously endorsed Referendum 90 that will appear on your November ballot. We want to tell you about it and invite your endorsement and participation today.

During the 2020 legislative session, a coalition of parents, educators, medical professionals, and advocates passed SB 5395 (Sen. Claire Wilson) in Washington state focused on sex education that keeps young people safe and healthy. This law requires all public schools to teach age appropriate, inclusive, comprehensive sexual health education to K-12 students. This law was backed by a large statewide coalition and has strong support from a majority of Washington state voters. Those opposed to the bill, sometimes citing religious reasons, have launched a misinformation campaign and gathered enough signatures to put that law up for a public vote this November. See more at the campaign’s website:

WE NEED YOUR HELP as faith leaders and faith advocates to speak out on this important issue. Here’s how:

  • Please read the Faith Leaders Statement on Referendum 90. If you are in agreement with this statement and are willing to add your name as a signatory, please let FAN know at this link: Tell us how you want your name, your faith tradition and the city where you live/serve listed. Please sign by September 9 and we will share FAN faith leaders’ and advocates’ names with the campaign.
  • If you are not a faith leader you can still sign and share the link with your congregation and friends, so that they might also Approve R90 and strengthen support in faith communities. Each of you will help counter misinformation and ensure YES on R90 in November.
  • We will share your signatures with the campaign and keep you informed as the weeks go on. If you would like to be directly involved in the campaign there are many possibilities – please let them know at this link.

These are difficult times for all of us, but it is also an extremely critical time for us as faith leaders and advocates to make our voices heard in this campaign to Approve R90. Thank you for taking a stand, for lifting your voice, and for joining your colleagues as we share our statement strongly approving R90 for safe and healthy youth.