The Interfaith Network for Indigenous Communities (INIC) is a growing interfaith coalition of religious leaders who wish to deeply listen to Indigenous Communities in the Northwest. Together, we hope to make a significant step toward a new vision of solidarity between first peoples and faith communities as we seek to build fellowship and confront the urgent issues of our time. We offer ourselves as a conduit to greater understanding between our faith communities and Northwest tribal communities.


2017 marked the 30th anniversary of the 1987 Letter of Apology to Tribes by ecumenical leaders of the Northwest, and we confess that we need to make further efforts to uphold the spirit and intent of this commitment. Faith leaders have not done enough in the past 30 years to dismantle our privilege and support Indigenous Communities.  It is time to renew and honor those commitments.

Mission Statement

As representatives of Northwest faith communities, we affirm the sovereignty of Native peoples and commit to working together in the ongoing struggle to overturn injustices. We further commit to addressing the impact of continued unjust actions and misunderstandings that undermine sovereignty, to uphold the rights of tribal communities, and to stand together to foster peace and justice for all.

We pledge:

  • to support Native efforts to protect their inherent rights and treaty rights;
  • to encourage faith communities to deepen relationships with Native peoples;
  • to advocate for Native peoples as requested;
  • to work for a shared future that fully acknowledges and addresses past wrongs.

Interfaith Network for Indigenous Communities ad hoc planning group, currently with participants from United Methodist, Lutheran, Episcopal, American Baptist, United Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ, Buddhist, and Catholic faith communities. This is a multi-faith effort and new partners are welcome. We meet monthly.

Download the INIC Mission Statement

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