A Brief Report from Interfaith Advocacy Day 2012

“Uniting Hearts and Minds: Raising Revenue for the Common Good”

Over 250 people representing all three Abrahamic faiths attended the 2012 Interfaith Advocacy Day on February 14.

Workshops and speakers throughout the day educated attendees regarding strategies to alleviate homelessness and poverty, preserve the public safety net, ensure adequate health care for all, promote toxic-free kids and other environmental legislation, and boost revenue options in the budget process.

Attendees met with their senators and representatives and their staffs throughout the day to lobby for such revenue options in order to preserve programs that aid our most vulnerable citizens and the environment. Some advocates also brought offerings of letters for legislators from their home communities. In addition, FAN coordinated a morning meeting between religious leaders and the governor.

A few statistics for those keeping track:

  • 250+ people attended.
  • They represented 78 congregations/faith communities.
  • They were from 35 of the 49 legislative districts in WA state.
  • All three Abrahamic traditions were present and participatory — Jewish, Christian, and Muslim.
  • Of the Christians, 11 denominations were represented, including ELCA Lutheran, United Methodist, Episcopalian, United Church of Christ, Baptist, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Community Christian, Free Methodist, Disciples of Christ, and Christian Reformed.
  • At least 6 community agencies and 1 theological education institution participated.
  • 38 clergy participated.
    18 Advocating Congregations participated, sending 76 people among them.

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