In this section of the Advocacy Toolkit, you will find suggestions for ways to amplify your voice through media engagement.

Proactive Media Tools:
This page will help you determine what form of media engagement will best help you reach your goals.

Social Media Advocacy:
Follow this link for tips on what to post and not to post on social media, as well as some basic information on using Facebook and Twitter.

Editorial Writing:
Learn more about how to write an op-ed.

Letters to the Editor:
Learn more about how to write a Letter to the Editor (LTE).

Writing a Press Release:
Learn more about how to write a press release.

Media Interview Tips:
What to do and not to do when being interviewed by the media.

Statewide Media Outlets:
Use this website to find local media sources near you and apply the advocacy skills you’ve learned to engage them with the issues that matter most to you.