FAN stands with our immigrant neighbors at a time when deportation, family separation, and harsh border policies are worsening every day. Use this section of the Advocacy Toolkit to learn how you can support immigrants in your community, including how to provide sanctuary in faith communities.

Roadmap to Freedom Resolution
Rep. Jayapal introduced the Roadmap to Freedom Resolution in January 2021, which aims to transform the immigration system to it is humane, fair, equitable, and focused on respect, dignity, and family unity. Consider adding your organization or faith community to the endorsement list, and learn more about how to advocate for this important effort here.

Keep Washington Working (English/Spanish):
FAN helped pass this important immigration bill during the 2019 legislative session. This document explains the rights guaranteed by this bill.

What to do if ICE Comes to Your Door (English/Spanish):
This is a helpful poster reminding you of your rights if ICE comes to your door or your neighbor’s door. This can be helpful to post in public places or distribute at events.

WAISN Hotline to Report ICE Activity (English/Spanish):
This is another Know Your Rights flyer that includes a hotline to call if ICE activity or raids are happening in your area.

Sanctuary Congregations and Harboring FAQ (ACLU):
The ACLU provides definitions and answers to questions about providing sanctuary and harboring individuals, including legal information, risks, and ways faith communities can get involved.

Sensitive Locations Toolkit (El Centro de la Raza):
This toolkit explains what a sensitive location is, what locations qualify as sensitive locations, and what legal rights sensitive locations have when it comes to immigration enforcement.

Upholding Sanctuary in the Faith Community:
The Church Council of Greater Seattle provides a faith-based guide to providing sanctuary for an extended period of time in one’s faith community. They are currently part of a coalition that places families seeking sanctuary. Contact them if you would like to get involved.

Know Your Rights – A Guide for Immigrants in Washington State (English/Spanish):
This document is helpful to share with families in need of sanctuary. It helps them create a safety plan in case the threat of deportation comes to their home.

You Have the Right to Remain Silent: A Know Your Rights Guide for Law Enforcement Encounters (National Lawyers Guild)
Download this booklet in: English/Spanish/Arabic/Bengali/Urdu/Persian (Farsi)