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“Justice is what love looks like in public,” says Dr Cornel West, and others. WHEEL Women in Black stand for love and for justice.  We’re in solidarity with protests in Seattle, Minneapolis, and communities across the country demanding structural change.  We believe Black Lives Matter.  We support local organizing efforts’ current demands to significantly reduce police funding and instead fund community solutions.  We call for an end to police harassment of peaceful protesters, and have long demanded an end to police harassment of homeless people, and homeless encampment sweeps.  We know from painful personal experience that Black people are disproportionately represented in homelessness and also on our lists of the dead. 

One such tragic list came from the King County Medical Examiners this week:  At least 11 more homeless people have died outside, in a public place or by violence in King County this year.  As far as we know, none of these deaths was from COVID-19.  Six were people of color, and three were women.  There was another homicide (three already this year), and two deaths by suicide (five already this year).  A man died of hypothermia on May 29th. 

Despair is hitting our community hard and we need to make our grief and calls for justice visible.  Please join our silent Vigil and Call to Action on the steps of Seattle City Hall (at 4th/James) from noon to 1 PM next Wednesday, June 10th.  We’ll stand for these Beloved Community members:

**Thanh Doan, 52, died by suicide at 1818 Rainier Ave S on 3/31.
**Charles Lingenfelter, 58, died of acute drug intoxication in Auburn on 5/1.
**Maraela White, 19, died of acute drug intoxication at NE 45th/7th NE on 5/4.
**Matthew Baker, 52, died of acute combined drug intoxication in a vehicle at 5309 11th NW on 5/6.
**Felicia Jackson, 50, found outside 509 3rd/died at HMC of cocaine intoxication on 5/8.
**Quynh-Sang Le, 36, a woman who died by suicide at 609 12th S on 5/10.
**Daine White, 32, died of bronchial asthma/OD at Yesler/Prefontaine on 5/11.
**Daniel Schaffa, 28, died of acute drug intoxication at NE 45th/7th NE on 5/15.
**Justin Rojanaparpai, 46, died of blood loss anemia at 12220 Aurora N on 5/21.
**Charles Johnson, Jr, 59, stabbed to death at Aurora N/N 117th Pl on 5/24.
**Roger Page, 60, died of hypothermia at 4th/S Massachusetts on 5/29.

We’ll dedicate this vigil to the memory of Steve Davis, 56, beloved of SHARE/WHEEL’s Tent City3 and Nickelsville Northlake, who died last month.

The number of known 2020 outdoor/public/violent homeless deaths now stands at 41 (of 60 names on the Y-T-D Medical Examiners List).

After the vigil–at 2 pm Wednesday, June 10th–another City Council Select Committee on Homelessness hearing is scheduled to discuss legislation to Stop Encampment Sweeps.  Sweeps are inhumane, and do nothing but increase risk and despair for homeless people.  We oppose them, and need your help to stop them.  If you haven’t already, please send Seattle City Council a message supporting Councilmember Morales’s legislation to Stop the Sweeps (council@seattle.gov).

JOIN US IN OUR LOVE, GRIEF, ANGER AND ACTION.   We stand together to keep bending the arc of history towards justice.