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Tuesday, May 26 • 5:00PM

Free trade agreements that prioritize private profits over healthy communities have made Northwest far less resilient in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic’s dual public health and economic crises.  Incredibly, corporate lobby groups are doubling-down on calls for new trade deals that could harm us even further.

Please RSVP online here to sign up for our free, virtual town hall on COVID-19 and trade policy.  Presenters include:

  • Julia Robinson of People’s Health Movement on how bad trade policies have outsourced America’s medical equipment & PPE manufacturing capacity
  • Jackie Boschok of the Washington State Alliance for Retired Americans on how trade-related medicine monopolies raise healthcare costs and stifle medical innovation
  • April Sims of the Washington State Labor Council on how resiliency during crises is adversely affected by the global race to the bottom in wages
  • Sameer Ranade of Front and Centered on how the COVID-19 pandemic provides a window into both the climate crisis and climate solutions

There will also be plenty of time for your questions and comments, and we’ll end the town hall with ways that you can help build demand for new trade policies that work for the Northwest’s working families and the planet.  Again, please RSVP online to join us.

Cosponsors include Washington Fair Trade Coalition and the Trade Justice Education Fund.  For more info, contact Hillary@washingtonfairtrade.org.