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Last week, a mass shooting in Indianapolis resulted in the death of eight individuals, four of whom were Sikh. As more information is being uncovered, the gunman has been reported to have visited white supremacist sites and witnesses have also stated that he intentionally shot at Sikh employees. Yet, the media and police have been virtually silent about the role of bias in this incident.

In the midst of the verdict of George Floyd’s murder and acts of violence perpetuated against BIPOC communities, we continue to remember those we have lost and demand accountability.

The Seattle community will be holding another Sukhmani Sahib (treasure of peace) program and candlelight vigil this Saturday night in remembrance of the innocent lives that were taken. We want to emphasize that anyone is welcome to come join us as we heal and mourn together as a community.

As a reminder, please consider donating to support the families of the victims if you are able to: https://www.gofundme.com/f/indianapolis-fedex-facility-family-support-fund/