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Friday, April 9th
QFC-Wedgewood (Store #873)
8400 35th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115
all joint actions beginning at 11:00am

Our employers continue to cause un-needed stress and economic insecurity in the lives of our members. Kroger is threatening to close QFC stores in Seattle (Capitol Hill and Wedgewood) and possibly many more across the state because of Hazard Pay-saying that despite literally doubling their profits they can’t afford to pay workers anymore. We united to demand that worker’s rights be a priority in our region and won hazard pay together! Our families are finally able to survive just a bit more during this pandemic. We know that corporate profits at Kroger are at an all time high–so we can’t stop and let them pushback on us. UFCW Locals 324 (23k+ members) & 770 (31k+ members) and community will also be in protest across Southern California! Can you join us and show our corporate bosses that our health isn’t negotiable.