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An invitation from the Nipponzan Miyohoji Buddhist order to join the 2020 Peace Walk

In 2011, after the devastating nuclear accident in Fukushima, Japan, I created two kinds of world maps. It was before the peace march. The world’s nuclear power plants and the other are the entities of nuclear test sites and nuclear powers(bombs). Then, a certain fact was noticed. With the exception of nuclear powers (bombs) belonging to Asia, such as North Korea, China, and India, many of the nuclear test sites by Western countries were mostly limited to non-white areas.

It is often pointed out that racism (colonialism) is the basis among Japanese people, including the atomic bomb survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It is impossible to bring hypothesis into history, but if we were Europeans, would America have dropped a nuclear bomb? If the Marshall islanders were like that, if Polynesians on Tahiti were like that, would a nuclear test in the atmosphere be conducted there? The answer is no.

Every spring, when a peace march takes place toward the Nevada nuclear test site, the organizers (mainly Las Vegas Catholic workers) have asked to the Elders of the Western Shoshoni tribe to lead the march. The reason is to know that it is a stolen land which was made vague in the law even now. They are the people who knows exactly the suffering like as same as downwinders, many are Mormons.

The Black Lives Matter movement begins in cities in the Midwest and is spreading around the world. In a sense, corona’s disaster pulled the trigger. I know that there are a lot of young white people in this movement. I feel great hope that they will not hesitate to participate.

For me, who was born as a Japanese, the abolition of nuclear weapons and the abolition of racism are common. To put it to the extreme, only one side does not realize it independently. The Marshall Islands, French Polynesian nuclear victims and Japanese fishermen who were victims of the hydrogen bomb should one day be compensated and apologized to. They are the same humans. And it should never happen again. It is a good opportunity.

This year, I would like to walk for a world without nuclear weapons and a world without racism with paying attention to pandemics. It is only a few days walk. However, I would like to do what I can do again in a familiar place like my Ground Zero friends.

Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo and gassho (palms together),

Senji Kanaeda


August 5 Wed. 9AM, Tacoma Catholic Worker, 1415 S. G St., Tacoma (11 miles)

August 6 Thu. 11AM, Lake Forest Park City Hall – 230PM Bath House Theatre, Green
Lake, Seattle (7 miles)

August 8 Sat. 9AM Chief Seattle’s Grave,7076 NE South St. Suquamish – 3:30PM: Arrive at Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Acion, 16159 Clear Creek Rd., Poulsbo (13 miles)

All are welcome to join the walk. We will provide lunches. Please phone or email if you would like to join us or have questions.


Rev. Senji Kanaeda, Nipponzan Myohoji Bainbridge Island Dojo, 6154 Lynwood Ctr. Rd. NE Bainbridge Island WA 98110 206-780-6739 206-724-7632(cell.) http://nipponzan.org/wordpress

Peace Pagoda construction started at Ground Zero Center from the end of June. We are welcome to any supporters for it.



2020年8月5-8日 米西海岸ワシントン州 タコマ―シアトルーグラウンドゼロセンター






※2005年以来、おもに米国北西部オレゴン・ワシントン州で毎年夏、核のない世界を願って平和行脚を行ってきました。コロナ禍の中、今回はわずか3-4日ほどですが、地元のシアトル、タコマと仏舎利塔宝土、核弾頭の基地のあるグラウンドゼロセンターに向けて歩きます。ご案内をさせていただきました。                    合掌





日程 8月5日 タコマ 6日 シアトルー広島デイ灯篭流し(開催は未定)7日または8日


9-10日 実施される場合グラウンドゼロセンターの広島・長崎デイ非暴力アクション


連絡先 Nipponzan Myohoji Temple 6154 Lynwood Ctr. Rd. NE Bainbridge Island WA 98110 U.S.A,