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People nationwide are flooding Congress with calls demanding “No vote on NAFTA 2.0 until it’s fixed!”

Join labor unions, health advocates, environmental groups, faith organizations and many more in the progressive movement to demand Congress not hold any vote on NAFTA 2.0 until its Big Pharma provisions are removed and its labor and environmental standards are improved.

Making this call is quick and easy — and really makes a difference. The Washington Fair Trade Coalition provides a toll-free phone number and sample script for you to use. Call now: 1-855-973-4213.

If we all take action together on August 20 by calling our representatives in their local offices, we could create real momentum to ensure Congress stands up to the powerful special interests and refuses to vote on the deal unless and until Trump fixes it. That means removing the Big Pharma giveaways and adding swift and certain enforcement of improved labor and environmental standards.

A deal like that — unlike Trump’s NAFTA 2.0 — could actually stop some of NAFTA’s ongoing harm to people across North America. And that is worth fighting for: NAFTA will continue to inflict damage on people in the U.S., Mexico and Canada until we replace it.