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Support Affirmative Action


There were many events last Friday to celebrate Juneteenth, the anniversary of June 19, 1865 when enslaved people in Texas were told of their freedom - the final state to hear the proclamation. We know that so much more work is needed for Black communities to experience true economic, cultural, and systemic freedom, and we are grateful to the many organizations that led marches and teach-ins to help us achieve that reality. Top left - the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) and A. Philip Randolph Institute Seattle hosted a rally and march to accompany the shutdown of Pacific coast ports [...]

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Faith Action Network Platform for Advocacy in the Current Crisis


South Seattle march Sunday 6/7/20, photo by Mark White, mjwhitephotos.com Since its formation nine years ago, FAN has advocated for restoring justice in the criminal justice system and for policies intended to counter the effects of centuries of racism and white supremacy in our nation. On May 30, the FAN board issued a statement deploring the latest murders of Black Americans by police and calling out for justice. In the midst of a rapidly evolving situation related to policing and police misconduct in our cities, state, and nation, there are currently multiple opportunities to advance justice and security for African-Americans and people of [...]

Faith Action Network Platform for Advocacy in the Current Crisis2020-06-14T13:04:33-07:00

Protect What You Love


Protecting What We Love: This theme of our spring appeal has taken on even greater significance in recent days, as we all seek to protect our communities and the democracy we love as so much is at risk. While we delayed our spring appeal to this moment, aware earlier that the economic downturn would impact many of our supporters, we are now faced with so many organizations and needs crying out for support. We ask you to share what you can with organizations on the frontlines of racial justice work, as well as consider a gift to FAN to make sure [...]

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Statement Against Police Brutality Against People of Color


May 30, 2020 The Faith Action Network of Washington State joins with many across this nation in deploring the latest murders of Black Americans by police and in calling out for justice. We speak the names the victims of this recent racist violence and we grieve for their families, their communities, and our nation. George Floyd was killed by police in Minneapolis this past weekend while begging for his life. (May 25, 2020). Dreasjon (Sean) Reed, a 21-year-old from Indianapolis died after being shot at least eight times by a police officer (May 6, 2020). Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old emergency medical technician, was shot eight times by Louisville Metro Police Department officers who entered [...]

Statement Against Police Brutality Against People of Color2020-05-30T21:34:58-07:00

National Day of Mourning and Lament: June 1


With the National Council of Churches and Sojourners, along with other national partners, FAN supports this National Day of Mourning and Lament on June 1 for 100,000 deaths related to COVID-19 and invites you to mark it in your faith communities this weekend and/or Monday, June 1. Please consider their call to action below and let us know what your community plans to do, in case we get media inquiries: We are so grateful to each of you for the courage and leadership to unite together across all of our traditions, to bring about unprecedented unity to mourn and lament the [...]

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Support Undocumented Immigrants


Our partners at Yakima Immigrant Response Network are hoping to collect over 5,000 face masks to give to farm workers in Yakima county. The health of those who care for our food, who are often immigrants, is vital to the survival of all. Show your support by making some masks - contact YakimaResponseNetwork@gmail.com if you can donate! Protect Undocumented Immigrants in Relief Packages Faith Action Network has joined with the Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network (WAISN) and over 400 other organizations in a letter to call for a state relief fund for undocumented workers and their families who are experiencing great hardship [...]

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Protect SNAP in COVID-19 Relief


This week’s E-News is focused on food security. Along with health care and grocery workers, “another large group of hidden heroes in this crisis are the agricultural workers who guide our food from the field to the store — and who continue their critical work despite the threat of exposure to coronavirus.” This photo and article was shared last week in The Stand, with a letter from Sen. Karen Keiser and Rep. Mike Sells. Protect SNAP in the Next Relief Packages The most recent COVID-19 congressional relief package was signed into law last Friday and will begin to go into effect [...]

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Protections for Food Security, Prison Safety, and Immigrants during COVID-19


Create Space-Save Lives rally in Olympia this weekend on behalf of keeping prisoners in Monroe and other state facilities safe from COVID-19 outbreaks. See the full video on Vimeo. COVID-19 Relief Packages As Congress begins work on a fourth COVID-19 relief package, we are pleased to hear that Democratic leaders are emphasizing anti-hunger priorities, including strengthening Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. With food insecurity currently doubling in Washington state, we know that SNAP is our nation’s best defense against hunger. We share the following call to action from Food Research and Action Center (FRAC.org) to ensure these benefits appear in [...]

Protections for Food Security, Prison Safety, and Immigrants during COVID-192020-04-16T14:43:38-07:00

COVID-19 and Faithful Census Weekend


FAN joins with our national partners to promote #FaithfulCensus weekend! This weekend, we urge you to lift up the #2020Census in your community. We believe every person deserves to be counted. Participating in the census helps determine how public health is funded in our community, how many books and computers our kids’ schools can afford, whether our elders can afford heating in the winter, and if there are bus routes where we need them. Responding to the census is an act of love for our neighbors. Find resources at our FAN Census Toolkit or at bit.ly/CensusWeekend. Faith Community Responses to COVID-19 [...]

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2020 Legislative Session Successes


The Tacoma Refugee Choir reminds you to "Be Counted!" in their new music video about the 2020 Census. Watch and share their video - translated subtitles are available in 11 languages on YouTube. Legislative Success! The 2020 Legislative Session is Over - Your voice bent the moral arc of the universe more towards justice! The very intense 60-day legislative session ended last Thursday, March 12 with final concurrence on the last bills, debate, and party-line adoption of the supplemental operating budget which included funding for a lot of housing and human service programs. Approximately 1,455 bills were introduced and about 250 [...]

2020 Legislative Session Successes2020-03-17T17:11:15-07:00

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