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2022 Legislative Session Recap


Today we share the good news that spring is on its way and we have successes to celebrate as the 2022 Washington Legislative Session ended last week. (photo courtesy of DES.wa.gov). 2022 Legislative Recap & Session Successes Thank you for your persistent advocacy and commitment to working with FAN for policy change this year! The 2022 Legislative Session was one of the most productive short sessions in recent memory, with transformational investments across the safety net—food, nutrition, housing, and cash assistance—as well as transportation and education. This 60-day session began on January 10 with hearings and floor votes done mostly [...]

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Legislative Session Week Eight


Last push for the budget: Please email your legislators TODAY and THIS WEEKEND using the links and suggested actions provided here: www.tinyurl.com/supportrefugeesWA. Ask them to vote for the full $30M support package for refugee support. Legislative Session Coming to an End We are nearing the March 10 end of the 2022 Legislative Session! Bills that passed both House and Senate without added amendments by the opposite chamber are signed by the Speaker of the House and Senate President, then sent to the Governor for review and signing. After today, the bills that passed with amendments will need to go through [...]

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Legislative Session Week Seven


FAN joins hearts and voices across the world in praying, vigiling, protesting, and calling for peace and an end to war. We continue to work for justice with these intentions. Week 7 of Legislative Session On Monday, House and Senate Democrats released their separate supplemental state budget proposals. Supplemental budgets are passed in even-numbered years and allow the state to make mid-course corrections to the two-year budgets passed in odd-numbered years. Budget leaders released their plans just hours before public hearings on the proposals: Senate PSSB 5693 and House PSHB 1816. Each chamber looks to pass their plan off their respective [...]

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Legislative Session Week Five


We are past the halfway point in this short, intense 60-day session. It was remarkably busy on the floor this week due to legislative cutoff. Legislative cutoffs are milestones that bills need to reach by certain dates to receive further consideration. Any bills that don’t make it to these milestones will need to wait until the next legislative session to continue the process or be reintroduced at the start of a new biennium. Because this is a short session, the first set of cutoff dates are already here. Bills that were not approved by House or Senate policy committees by Feb. [...]

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Legislative Session Week Three


Two Weeks Until IFAD Only two weeks until FAN’s Interfaith Advocacy Day (IFAD) on Thursday, February 10! We need your help to get the word out and raise faith advocates’ voices. First, register yourself by February 4. We are learning that legislators will be on the floor voting on bills during the week of IFAD, so their time is extremely limited. We need to know you’re attending by next Friday 2/4 in order to have the best chance of getting appointments for you, their constituents. Your appointments may be Thursday 2/10 or Friday 2/11. Share announcements, newsletter, social media this [...]

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Legislative Session Week Two


FAN Staff members gave virtual testimony this week - Jaspreet Singh (left) on HB 1840 to improve diversity, equity, and mental health at community and technical colleges, and Policy Engagement Director Kristin Ang on HB 1868 to improve worker safety and patient care in health care facilities by addressing staffing needs, overtime, meal and rest breaks, and enforcement. See more below! Second Week of Session The Legislature began the week with both political parties honoring Martin Luther King: “I hope the decisions we make in this chamber do honor to the legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by [...]

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The Legislative Session Starts Next Week


Introduction to the 2022 Legislative Session The 2021 Legislative Session will begin January 10th, and the last day of session is March 10th. This will be an action packed 60 days. With another virtual session ahead, you will not have to travel to participate in the legislative process.  All floor sessions and committee meetings will be livestreamed at tvw.org. A mobile TVW app is available. You can find committee info, including agendas and documents at leg.wa.gov/house/committees for the House and at leg.wa.gov/senate/committees for the Senate. You can get involved in the law-making process by submitting testimony online where your testimony will be entered as [...]

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We’re Excited for the Upcoming Legislative Session


Thank you to all who joined us for our Annual Dinner celebration and gathered across the state in your homes and in Watch Parties! We were glad to see your faces on social media and hear your voices in the chat box! Join Us for Pre-Session Workshops! As we prepare for the 2022 legislative session beginning Monday, January 10, we are still waiting for a few of our coalition partners to finalize their policy priorities. Once we have those, we will share our FAN legislative agenda with you by the end of December. In the meantime, we encourage you to [...]

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Legislative Session Week Two


FAN attended one of many events on Monday to honor Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Seattle. We hope you were able to connect with your community and carry on Dr. King's call to anti-racism, economic justice, and an end to war and violence.Week Two in ReviewThree of FAN's partners hosted a lobby day in Olympia on MLK Day: I Did the Time (an organization founded in Spokane for formerly incarcerated people and their allies), Statewide Poverty Action Network (SPAN), and the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). In the evening, FAN co-sponsored the first rally to end mass incarceration [...]

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Legislative Session Week One


There are so many ways to pay tribute to Dr. King across the state this weekend. Thank you Seattle MLK, Jr. Organizing Coalition for this graphic! Week One in Review Week one of the legislative session included over 100 committee hearings, the official seating of new members, the Governor's annual State of the State address, and the collection of co-sponsors before proposals become official bills. Both the House and the Senate passed bills this week, a highlight of which was a success for FAN's Legislative Agenda - the Agriculture Carbon Sequestration bill (SB 5947) which passed the Senate at 32 yeas, 17 [...]

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