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Standing together against antisemitism and Islamophobia


Dear Friends of Faith and Conscience, As FAN is in the final days of preparation for our Annual Dinner, United in Hope, we are sorrowful that rising hate speech and action targeting individuals and institutions based on their religious faith is increasing fear in our Jewish and Muslim faith communities. While people engaged with FAN hold a range of views on the war and violence in Israel/Palestine, and FAN's focus remains on domestic policy, we are united in standing against antisemitism and Islamophobia, as we have been throughout FAN’s 12-year history. We have publicly supported mosques and synagogues that have faced such [...]

Standing together against antisemitism and Islamophobia2023-11-14T14:03:30-08:00

Justice for Newly Arrived Migrants Seeking Asylum


Testimony given by ELCA Hunger Advocacy Fellow Tomo Duke at a King County budget hearing 10/25/2023, addressing the crisis of 300+ newly arrived immigrants from Angola and Venezuela, seeking asylum while living in tents and on the church floor at Riverton Park United Methodist Church, Tukwila, WA. Multifaith communities in our network have expressed together concerns and extended physical support for the immigrants at Riverton Park UMC, but we all know that’s not enough and sustainable. The immigrants I met at Riverton Park are kind and constantly expressed their gratitude to me as I was helping them file their asylum [...]

Justice for Newly Arrived Migrants Seeking Asylum2023-10-30T11:18:39-07:00

Solidarity is Our Spiritual Power


FAN gives thanks for our partnership with Shoreline Unitarian Universalist Church as an Advocating Faith Community in our network.Executive Director Elise DeGooyer was delighted to join the congregation this month to share a message about living into Solidarity as Our Spiritual Power.

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Moving from Prayer to Policies: Challenge 2.0 Faith in Action


FAN was honored to be part of a conversation early in the legislative session that was recently released. While some policies mentioned have received favorable votes, others are not moving forward this 2023 session, yet the foundations for why we choose to work on various policies are discussed. We appreciated the chance to be in dialogue with Jennifer Bereskin, a Paths to Understanding Board Member and advocate for the Washington Future Fund. We offer this video blog that you can use to start conversations in your own community. Gratitude to Paths To Understanding and their wonderful Challenge 2.0 media program, so graciously hosted by [...]

Moving from Prayer to Policies: Challenge 2.0 Faith in Action2023-03-10T16:20:56-08:00

An Invocation for the House


Creator and sustainer of all that is, we give you thanks for this day and for your infinite and unfathomable love. In the midst of all the intensity within and around us, give us a moment of pause to remember why we are here. You have given human beings the responsibility to make laws and allot collective resources so that all that you have created may flourish. Remind us this day that laws are tools to help us carry out your commandment which comes to us through our varied religious traditions – and that is the commandment to love our [...]

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Interfaith Prayer Vigil – Aneelah Afzali Prayer


Interfaith Prayer Vigil for Gun Violence Victims June 15, 2022 Remarks by Aneelah Afzali, FAN Board Member and Executive Director, American Muslim Empowerment Network In the name of God, Most Merciful, Most Compassionate. Good evening sisters and brothers, family and friends. My name is Aneelah Afzali, and I’m with the Muslim Association of Puget Sound, the Faith Action Network, and the Interfaith Advisory Council for Everytown for Gun Safety. Safety from gun violence is a faith value, and every town deserves such safety! Tonight we remember those in towns deprived of such safety. Uvalde, Buffalo – and the roughly 270 other [...]

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Interfaith Prayer Vigil – Rabbi Jason Levine Remarks


Unity Candlelight Vigil Mount Zion Baptist Church Rabbi Jason Levine, Associate Rabbi, Temple Beth Am, Seattle June 15, 2022 Mi Shebeirach Avoteinu v’Imoteinu, the God of our ancestors, we stand here before You, tears in our eyes, our hearts shattered, our souls aching from each beautiful life, each beautiful light that has been snuffed out by more gun violence. We stand here before You offering prayers of lamentation and songs of sorrow. We stand here before You in mourning, and united in love. We once again find ourselves Bamidbar, “in the wilderness.” Just a few weeks ago, Jewish communities around [...]

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Spring Appeal Letter


Spring 2022 Dear friend of FAN, We trust that springtime is greening all around you, especially in our beautiful state where change is seen in the new green growth of evergreens, the melting snows filling the rivers, and purple lupine blooms in the desert. Every year at this time, we at FAN reach out to you with reflection on what we have accomplished, and what our own growing edge is for the year ahead, as we invite your financial support. This spring we celebrate with you the good work of FAN staff, advocates, and coalition partners in passing important bills [...]

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Turning to One Another – Elizabeth Dickinson Sermon


Elizabeth Dickinson offered the sermon excerpted here at Westside Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Seattle, March 13, 2022. I’m so delighted to be with you today to formally welcome you into the community of critical connections we call the Faith Action Network. We need your energy and courage, and I hope you need ours. The Faith Action Network, or FAN as we informally call it, is a web of communities from different religious traditions around the state. Westside UU Congregation is now one of 163 communities in this “network of mutuality,” to use Martin Luther King, Jr’s words. As Unitarians, you may [...]

Turning to One Another – Elizabeth Dickinson Sermon2023-02-03T15:20:16-08:00

IFAD Opening by Rabbi Avi Fine


Text of the IFAD opening by Rabbi Avi Fine, Assistant Rabbi, Temple De Hirsch Sinai February 10, 2022 "Good morning all and thank you for a being a part of FAN’s Interfaith Advocacy Day. Allow me to open with one of my favorite Jewish texts related to using your voice civically. This text comes from the Talmud, which is a collection of Jewish law, codified around the 6th-8th centuries CE. The authors, who we refer to as “the rabbis,” are writing as leaders of a Jewish community with very little power relative to the outside forces in the countries in [...]

IFAD Opening by Rabbi Avi Fine2022-02-11T17:57:57-08:00
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