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Be Counted: A Census Sermon


A Census sermon given by Zahra Roach, FAN Census Equity Team and Pasco City Councilmember, at Community Unitarian Universalist Church. Download the accompanying slides. Good morning friends, my name is Zahra and I am so glad that you could be here with me to tell you about what I have been working on. As a Census Equity Outreach Coordinator for Faith Action Network (FAN), I have been meeting with faith communities in Mid-Columbia to present the importance of Census Participation, especially in communities of color and immigrant communities. Before the stay-at-home orders, I spent time in the Yakima Valley at the [...]

Be Counted: A Census Sermon2020-05-04T12:07:14-07:00

Protect SNAP in COVID-19 Relief


This week’s E-News is focused on food security. Along with health care and grocery workers, “another large group of hidden heroes in this crisis are the agricultural workers who guide our food from the field to the store — and who continue their critical work despite the threat of exposure to coronavirus.” This photo and article was shared last week in The Stand, with a letter from Sen. Karen Keiser and Rep. Mike Sells. Protect SNAP in the Next Relief Packages The most recent COVID-19 congressional relief package was signed into law last Friday and will begin to go into effect [...]

Protect SNAP in COVID-19 Relief2020-07-21T14:44:10-07:00

Protections for Food Security, Prison Safety, and Immigrants during COVID-19


Create Space-Save Lives rally in Olympia this weekend on behalf of keeping prisoners in Monroe and other state facilities safe from COVID-19 outbreaks. See the full video on Vimeo. COVID-19 Relief Packages As Congress begins work on a fourth COVID-19 relief package, we are pleased to hear that Democratic leaders are emphasizing anti-hunger priorities, including strengthening Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. With food insecurity currently doubling in Washington state, we know that SNAP is our nation’s best defense against hunger. We share the following call to action from Food Research and Action Center ( to ensure these benefits appear in [...]

Protections for Food Security, Prison Safety, and Immigrants during COVID-192020-07-21T14:41:59-07:00

COVID-19 and Faithful Census Weekend


FAN joins with our national partners to promote #FaithfulCensus weekend! This weekend, we urge you to lift up the #2020Census in your community. We believe every person deserves to be counted. Participating in the census helps determine how public health is funded in our community, how many books and computers our kids’ schools can afford, whether our elders can afford heating in the winter, and if there are bus routes where we need them. Responding to the census is an act of love for our neighbors. Find resources at our FAN Census Toolkit or at Faith Community Responses to COVID-19 [...]

COVID-19 and Faithful Census Weekend2020-07-21T14:40:01-07:00

2020 Legislative Session Successes


The Tacoma Refugee Choir reminds you to "Be Counted!" in their new music video about the 2020 Census. Watch and share their video - translated subtitles are available in 11 languages on YouTube. Legislative Success! The 2020 Legislative Session is Over - Your voice bent the moral arc of the universe more towards justice! The very intense 60-day legislative session ended last Thursday, March 12 with final concurrence on the last bills, debate, and party-line adoption of the supplemental operating budget which included funding for a lot of housing and human service programs. Approximately 1,455 bills were introduced and about 250 [...]

2020 Legislative Session Successes2020-07-21T14:37:09-07:00

Legislative Session Week Eight: Bills Moving Towards the Governor’s Desk


On Wednesday, FAN's Interfaith Leaders Council met with Governor Inslee about bills we want to see passed this session—death penalty repeal, criminal justice reform, TANF equity, homelessness and housing bills, clean air and environmental bills, immigration (Courts Open to All), and addressing anti-Muslim rhetoric with Facts Over Fear. We also talked about the importance of faith communities in keeping people safe during coronavirus outbreaks. Week Eight in Review Monday was the fiscal cutoff, where over 150 bills were heard, amended, caucused, and voted on. Tuesday through Friday, around 200 bills were caucused, amended, debated on the floor, and voted on to pass [...]

Legislative Session Week Eight: Bills Moving Towards the Governor’s Desk2020-07-21T14:35:43-07:00

Doing Justice, Loving Kindness during COVID-19


by Rev. Mike Denton, Conference Minister for the Pacific Northwest Conference of the United Church of Christ In 1888, a huge snowstorm hit the US that no one saw coming. At that point and time, weather prediction was in its earliest stages and the primary weather information that was available came from looking at the sky, factoring in the wind direction, and guessing whether or not the clouds you saw on the horizon might be coming your way. In some areas, the day started with clear skies and mild temperatures but, within a couple of hours, temperatures plunged into the twenties, [...]

Doing Justice, Loving Kindness during COVID-192020-05-04T12:08:38-07:00

Legislative Session Week Seven: Bills Moving Past Cutoff


This past week, Elise and Tara met with Satjeet Kaur, the national Executive Director of the Sikh Coalition (above). We look forward to collaborations on census work as well as interfaith engagement on civil rights and against discrimination in schools and workplaces. Below, Paul was invited to give the opening prayer in the legislature honoring the Day of Remembrance on February 19 when in 1942 President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, authorizing the U.S. Army to remove anyone of Japanese ancestry and place them under custody in internment camps. Let us pray and act so #NeverAgainMeansNever. Week Seven in Review Many [...]

Legislative Session Week Seven: Bills Moving Past Cutoff2020-07-21T14:33:54-07:00

Legislative Session Week Six: Pledge to Repeal the Death Penalty


FAN co-hosted a Faith-Based Summit in Tukwila with the U.S. Census Bureau this week! Attendees came to learn how to be ambassadors for their communities during Census 2020 and discuss how to reach historically undercounted areas. Elise led the panel of faith leaders above, and we were joined by keynote speakers Ron Sims, former Deputy Secretary of the US Department of Urban Development and former King County Executive (bottom right); and Rev. Dr. Kelle Brown of Plymouth Church Seattle who preached powerfully about the justice implications of the census (top right). !!Action Alert!! Repeal the Death Penalty! Please pledge your support [...]

Legislative Session Week Six: Pledge to Repeal the Death Penalty2020-07-21T14:32:09-07:00

Legislative Session Week Five: Keep Important Bills Moving


A complete and accurate count for Census 2020 is a justice issue! Won't you join us for the 2020 Census Faith-Based Community Summit next Wednesday, February 19? Learn more at the Facebook event. Week Five in Review The fiscal cutoff for this session was Tuesday, February 11 - any bill with a fiscal note that had not passed out of committee is essentially dead for the session. All five fiscal committees heard a lot of bills on Tuesday, especially the Senate Ways & Means and House Appropriations Committees. As we near February 19 when bills must be voted out of the chamber of origin, legislators have [...]

Legislative Session Week Five: Keep Important Bills Moving2020-07-21T14:30:52-07:00

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