Climate change is an ever-pressing issue for today and is a top concern for FAN’s network. This week, we encourage you to take action on one of these three opportunities to heal our physical world:

  • Advocate: The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency is working on a Clean Fuel Standard to address the issue of pollution caused by transportation, which is the largest source of climate pollution in Washington state. This proposal would reduce the carbon intensity of transportation fuels by 25% by 2030 by setting a limit on greenhouse gas emissions. You can take action by signing the Washington Environmental Council’s letter to Puget Sound Clean Air Agency, voicing your support for a Clean Fuel Standard!
  • Educate: Learn about the impact of climate change on your local area (or anywhere in the world!) with this interactive map that projects the rise of sea levels across decades, and share it with your community. This website allows you to change different scenarios to consider how our action or inaction towards this crisis may affect our future. A detailed explanation of these results can be found in this article from
  • Strike: Join the ongoing Friday Climate Strikes this Friday, December 6, which is focused on the banks and financial institutions that fund coal, oil, and gas industries. Many of these financial institutions also fund the for-profit detention system which inflicts suffering on immigrants, some of whom were forced to migrate due to climate change. Find a climate strike near you!