As you may have heard, two reports of immigration enforcement-related activities were reported at the end of November by programs serving people experiencing homelessness.

A social worker at the family shelter hosted by Redmond United Methodist Church reported a suspicious woman who posed as someone seeking shelter, proceeded to ask detailed questions about the space, and attempted to interview other families about a family she was seeking. She was seen hours later talking with someone in a Customs and Border Patrol vehicle. This woman then appeared at the New Bethlehem Day Center for homeless families the next day.

For more information, see the press statement issued by Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network (WAISN), Redmond UMC, Church Council of Greater Seattle, Muslim Association of Puget Sound – American Muslim Empowerment Network (MAPS-AMEN), and Centro Cultural Mexicano.

In response to these frightening tactics, we wanted to share with you some resources suggested by WAISN to keep your communities safe:

  • Share the sensitive location protocol from FOOD LIFELINE and El Centro De La Raza. View the webinar on Sensitive Locations sponsored by El Centro de la Raza, Anti-Defamation League, and FAN.
  • Train your team in Deportation Defense ( and post a WAISN Workplace Audit & Raids Protocol at your site: English & Spanish
  • Remind our broader immigrant and refugee communities that #WeHaveRights and to create their Deportation Defense plan and team by downloading on their mobile phones Notifica (
  • If you or your family are directly contacted by any immigration enforcement agencies and/or are directly impacted in any other way, call the WAISN Hotline (1–844–724–3737) for assistance.
  • If you or your organization, facility, institution and/or group witness any immigration activity by ICE or CBP, report it as soon as possible to the WAISN Hotline (1–844–724–3737). Please exercise your rights to take pictures and/or video recordings, and we highly recommend NOT to post on social media or other platforms until the reports have been verified by WAISN through our rapid response teams across the state.
  • If any community member witnessed either of the two incidents at Redmond UMC or the Day Center in Kirkland, and/or has any pictures, video recordings, or further information, please reach out as soon as possible to

For more resources, including Know Your Rights flyers, see the FAN Advocacy Toolkit.