Your Voice is Needed in Both Capitols

In Olympia

As you may know, the state legislature is still officially in session!  Special session number three, called by Governor Inslee the last week of June, will come to an end on July 20. The most important issue right now that FAN and many of its policy partners are working on is the Capital Budget. Remember, Washington has three budgets: Operating, Transportation, and Capital.  The Capital Budget primarily includes ‘brick and mortar’ issues, meaning that, for example, the funding for all school constructions/renovations comes from the Capital Budget, as does funding for affordable housing through the Housing Trust Fund, and program and community centers for youth and non-profit organizations like Boys & Girls Clubs.

This important budget is being held up over differences on a water rights issue called the Hirst decision, a ruling from the State Supreme Court that basically prohibits the permitting of a landowner to drill for water on their property if it has been determined to have an adverse effect on nearby water sources/flows. For more information, go to the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance’s website.

Take Action

Please let your legislator know of your support to see this issue resolved because of the critical investments that the Capital Budget makes in our state to reduce homelessness, provide needed opportunities for our youth to learn and recreate, and helps our non-profit organizations continue providing essential services. You can also call the legislative hotline number between 8 AM and 8 PM, Monday through Friday: 1-800-562-6000, or email your legislators using the email formula: [email protected].

In Washington, DC

As we all know, the revised Senate Healthcare bill is out, and does nothing to improve on the original bill that was introduced in late June.  Please do two things:

FAN is a part of two health care coalitions: the Healthy WA Coalition and the Health Care is a Human Right coalition.  FAN also has an active Health Care Working Group. If you’d like to be a part of that group, email Chasity Jones.