Legislative Highlights and Action for Week 10

Last Week’s Highlights

Last Wednesday was a key cut-off date for bills in the Legislature. Those that hadn’t yet passed through their chamber of origin (the House or the Senate) are now dead, unless they were categorized as Necessary to Implement the Budget (NTIB). Unfortunately, this means many bills on FAN’s Legislative Agenda have come to the end of the road for this session; see our Bill Tracker for updated information. One of those bills to not make the cut-off was Source of Income Discrimination (HB 1633), which would have made it illegal to discriminate against renters for using housing subsidies or vouchers to pay for housing.

Many bills did make the cut-off, though, including a gender pay equity bill (HB 1506), which passed on International Women’s Day just before the House adjourned!

Also last week, FAN Co-Director Paul Benz played a major role in being a lobbying guide for Good Food and Farms Advocacy Day, and worked with the Washington Farmer’s Market Association and advocates to meet with Director Derek Sandison of the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

What’s Ahead in Week 10

Monday – Meetings with advocates and legislators on Breakfast after the Bell (HB 1508) and an anti-poverty bill (HB 1482) strategy in the Senate.

Tuesday – There will be a hearing in the House Committee on the Environment at 1:30 PM on HB 1646, which would establish a tax on carbon emissions at $15/ton.  This bill is supported by FAN, Earth Ministry, and Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy.

Wednesday – The House Committee on Public Safety will hold a work session on SB 5280 and the issue of making assault against law enforcement a hate crime. FAN opposes this bill.

Thursday – A human trafficking bill (SB 5030) will be heard in the House Committee on Public Safety at 8 AM. One bill FAN and partners have concerns about, REAL ID (SB 5008), will have a hearing in the House Committee on Transportation. There will also be a meeting of lobbyists, legislators, and community advocates on a homeless encampment bill (HB 2044 / SB 5657).

Early in week 11, both the House and the Senate will release their budgets, and we’ll know more about what’s funded in each of them. To see FAN’s budget requests, check out our Bill Tracker.

Take Action

The Clean Energy Transition Act (HB 1646) has a hearing in the House Committee on Environment on Tuesday, and FAN and our partners at Earth Ministry and in the Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy are working hard to show support for it! The bill will establish a tax on carbon that will help fund investment in clean energy, clean air, healthy forests, and Washington’s communities. Learn more about the bill here.

Contact your two State Representatives to let them know your position on this bill! This is especially important if your Representative is on the House Committee on the Environment.

Click here to send both of your Representatives a message, call them using the Legislative Hotline: 1-800-562-6000, or email them using the email formula: firstname.lastname@leg.wa.gov.