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2016 Legislative Agenda

Reducing Wealth Inequality

  • Pass Wage Theft prevention bills (misclassification, anti-retaliation, triple damages, and wage recovery)
  • Increase minimum wage and fund paid, sick, & safe leave (Proposed to be on 2016 Nov. ballot)
  • Pass Gender Pay Equity bill
  • Pass Aerospace Tax Preference Accountability bill
  • Increase Jobs & Contracts for African American community
  • Protect current Payday Lending statutes

Fully Fund & Protect Health & Human Services, Mental Health Programs, and Public Education

  • Fully restore the monthly TANF grant ($15M) and protect our state’s Disability Lifeline program (HEN/ABD)
  • Pass Breakfast After the Bell
  • Fully fund our broken Mental Health System (e.g. Workforce Recruitment & Retention, $10.5M)
  • Fully fund the state Supreme Court’s level for the McCleary ruling
  • Pass the Capital Gains Tax
  • Supplemental Budget Requests ($250K for Small Farm Direct Marketing/Farm to School Program & Civil Legal Aid Program, $555K)

Dismantling the Culture of Violence

  • Pass Criminal Justice Reform bills (Post-Secondary Education for Prisons, LFOs- Legal Financial Obligations, CROP-certificate program for Re-entry from prison, replace death penalty statute with no parole, Fair Chance Act, support creation of Ombudsmen Office for Dept. of Corrections)
  • Reform our state’s Deadly Force statute
  • Pass Gun Safety legislation (Extreme Risk Protection Order and Safe Gun Storage)
  • Pass Human Trafficking Prevention legislation
  • Establish Dairy Worker Protections
  • Pass Voting Rights Act

Protect Housing and Prevent Homelessness

  • Pass Homeless Encampment bill (Rep. McBride prime sponsor)
  • Pass Fair Tenant Screening bill
  • Increase funding for Housing Trust Fund
  • Prohibit Income Discrimination in housing rentals
  • Allow for local control (90 day notification) for significant rent increases
  • Support HB 1682 (Fey) to create dedicated voucher system for homeless youth and their families

Sustaining Washington’s Environment

  • Pass Toxic Free Kids bill
  • Extend Solar Tax Credits for Homeowners
  • Pass Pesticide Notification bill
  • Support the Governor’s Rulemaking process to Reduce CO2 Emissions

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