Advocating for a More Humane & Equitable Washington

  • Pass the Capital Budget
  • Fully fund request for Civil Legal Aid Program
  • Fully restore Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  • Finish funding for the McCleary decision
  • Pass Breakfast after the Bell legislation
  • Institute a tax on capital gains and eliminate more tax exemptions
  • Support poverty reduction bills
  • Support reducing student debt bills: Student Opportunity, Assistance, and Relief Act; Student Loan Bill of Rights
  • Pass the Voting Rights Act
  • $250k for regional markets from the WSDA

Promoting Safe and Just Communities

  • Pass criminal justice reforms: Legal Financial Obligations; the Fair Chance Act; creating an Ombuds Office; De-criminalizing Driving While License Suspended; Community Review Board bill; and repeal the death penalty statute
  • Support juvenile justice sentencing reforms: Auto Decline bill; and expanding Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration (JRA) supervision to age 25
  • Support gun responsibility legislation: Dangerous Access Prevention, Enhanced Assault Weapon Background Checks, and prohibit sale of bumpstocks
  • Pass human trafficking prevention legislation
  • Pass Initiative 940 with no amendments on to the voters
  • Pass healthcare reform bills: expand coverage for young adults to age 26; expand Medicaid coverage to Pacific Island Migrants; Washington Health Security Trust Act
  • Pass immigration reform bills: Keep Washington Working; higher ed scholarships; create a Legal Defense Fund

Protecting Housing and Preventing Homelessness

  • Prohibit discrimination based on a renter’s source of income
  • Eliminate the sunset and increase the Document Recording Fee
  • Pass zoning regulation for faith communities and local options for affordable housing funding

Sustaining Washington’s Environment

  • Support carbon pollution pricing bills
  • Pass the Pesticide Drift Notification Bill

See the Extended Legislative Agenda with Bill Numbers

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