Health Care Is a Human Right

We, the people of Washington State, come together to secure the fundamental right to health care for all individuals. It is not a privilege or a commodity. We must act now to create a health care system that promotes public health and the general welfare through laws, policies, and financing guided and shaped by human rights principles.

What human rights principles guide us and what do they mean?

Universal Access
Everybody in. Nobody out. Universal means everyone has access to health care.

Facilities, goods, and services, including trained professionals, are available to all.

There are no financial barriers. Everyone can afford to use the health care system and access all needed care.

There is equality for all, without discrimination. The dignity and cultural traditions of patients are respected.

Health care services are delivered in an equitable way, addressing the unique needs and health risks of each human being.

Each individual enjoys the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health, receiving the right care at the right place and at the right time – safe and high quality care.

Individuals and communities are able to participate actively in the decisions that affect their health, including the development and delivery of health care services.

Each part of the health system ensures accountability to patients and the community with appropriate staffing, standards, monitoring and remedies.

Information about the health care system is transparent, understandable and readily available to all. People have easy access to their personal health information.