Gun Safety Bills Need Our Advocacy

The Alliance for Gun Responsibility has asked for your help in getting two bills, safe gun storage (HB 1122) and limiting access to assault weapons (HB 1387), out of committee. Here are two steps you can take:

  1. Phone calls into three key districts
    Three key House Judiciary Committee members, Christine Kilduff (28th LD), Steve Kirby (29th LD), Tina Orwall (33rd LD), need to hear from gun responsibility supporters today! Please THANK these legislators for hearing our bills and urge them to vote to PASS both bills out of committee. Policy cutoff for HB 1122 and HB 1387 is Friday, February 17 so time is running short:

    1. Call your legislator if you are a constituent in one of these three districts: 1-844-904-7487
    2. Call supporters in these districts, encourage them to speak and/or meet with their legislators creating an account at this link, you will automatically be joined to our call campaign.

      Volunteers are meeting every week in your area for in-person phone banks and legislative action. Stephen Paolini, the Alliance Chapter Team Organizer, would love to speak with FAN members about volunteer opportunities. For more information on your local chapter program, please connect with him at or call him at (425) 599-8157.

  2. E-Mails to the House Judiciary Committee
    The Alliance has made it so easy! Go to Vote YES for a Safer Washington, enter your name, customize your letter to members, and hit the Send button.