FAN Statement and Action Steps to Stand with our American Muslim Neighbors

The Faith Action Network of Washington State affirms and stands with our Muslim brothers and sisters in light of the recent executive orders. We are deeply troubled by the targeting of people based on religion, which fundamentally transgresses our core American value of religious freedom. As people of faith, we recognize the vital importance of religious freedom and liberty for all, and we appreciate the contributions made to our country by American Muslims, who have been part of our country since its founding.

We know that Islamophobia and white nationalism are being strategically used to fuel a climate of fear, suspicion and hate. We see the fruits of these efforts in record-high hate crimes and harassment across our state. We call upon faith communities, elected officials, and all people of goodwill to stand with our American Muslim neighbors in ways that will build alliances, promote safety, and affirm civil rights. Together we will build the moral strength that will overcome divisive government action, hate crimes by individuals, and discrimination in our communities.

Join the FAN Governing Board in committing publicly to one or more of the following actions:

  • Sign this statement at and share it widely with others. The petition and signatures will be delivered to local Congressional offices by February 22 during the federal recess.
  • Coordinate with FAN to join or lead a delegation to discuss your concerns on or near February 22 as part of a national #WeAreAllAmerica campaign during the Congressional recess. Contact us at [email protected] if interested.
  • Be aware that most mosques are fielding many requests right now and ensuring security after the Quebec mosque attack.¬†Allies are always welcome to hold signs of support outside Friday prayer services held around noon. You can find mosques by zip code at We recommend partnering with existing programs like Neighbors in Faith or Church Council of Greater Seattle and others in your area.
  • Join with others to sponsor a study group on Islamophobia to address the roots of the problem. See this helpful resource from MAPS-AMEN or learn more at or or
  • Listen first to the voices from the Muslim community themselves. FAN especially appreciates the partnership and perspectives of CAIR-WA, MAPS-AMEN, the Pacifica Institute, the Islamic Center of the Tri-Cities, and others.
  • Learn about the roots of Muslims and Islam in America through a series of events on February 11-13 with scholar Umar Faruq Abd-Allah.
  • Attend the Never Again event February 19 examining Japanese American incarceration during WWII and how it relates to American Muslims today.
  • Attend Islamophobia: A Threat to All on February 22 event on, with Dalia Mogahed.
  • Participate in fundraisers for communities targeted by violence, like the fundraiser for the Bellevue mosque that experienced arson, held this weekend.
  • Most importantly: Use your voice to educate millions, beyond your social circles, by consistently writing e-mails to [email protected] and other mainstream media in your area with what you know, or have learned from the above-mentioned activities about the lives, contributions, hopes and dreams of your American Muslim neighbors.

FAN will continue to be in touch with our allies in this work as we come together for action as good neighbors rooted in our faith traditions.

The Faith Action Network of Washington State is a statewide organization that includes a network of 117 faith communities and thousands of individuals from a variety of religious traditions – including Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh, Quaker, and Unitarian – who advocate together for a more just, peaceful and sustainable world.