Eight Bills to Celebrate

The Washington State Legislature is still in special session to negotiate a biennial budget, but we wanted to share with you several policy victories to celebrate so far! We are happy to report that our efforts in conjunction with our wonderful coalition partners have paid off, and the following bills have passed through the legislature and either have been signed into law by Governor Inslee, or will be very soon:

Anti-Human Trafficking

  • HB 1079 (Orwall) Creates a no-contact order system to protect victims of human trafficking from their traffickers.
  • SB 5030 (Darneille) Extends the statute of limitations for human trafficking from three to ten years, or, if the victim was under the age of 18 at the time of the crime, until their 30th birthday—whichever comes later.
  • SB 5272 (Saldaña) Vacates convictions arising from offenses committed as a result of being a victim of trafficking.


  • SB 5301 (Miloscia) Requires companies seeking state contracts to certify that a court has not found them to be a willful violator of wage-theft laws in the last three years.
  • SB 5347 (Walsh) Allows TANF recipients to have a second year of vocational education, instead of just one year.

Criminal Justice Reform

  • SB 5069 (Walsh) Allows the State Board of Community & Technical Colleges to do workforce-type classes in our state prison system that could lead to an Associate’s Degree.

Gun Safety

  • HB 1501 (Hansen) Alerts law enforcement and domestic violence survivors when someone ineligible to own a firearm attempts to purchase one.

Mental Health

  • HB 1713 (Senn) Implements recommendations from the children’s mental health work group.

Thank you to all of you who diligently called or emailed your state legislators this session regarding these policy bills. Thank you for your advocacy and support; you continually help, along with our many partners, to make our state more just and equitable for all!