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Senate Budget Released – Advocacy Needed

“Our state budget is a moral document that reflects our values and priorities for state government.  Faith Action Network supports investments that meet our commitments to fulfill the McCleary decision AND strengthen our safety net programs for the poor and vulnerable.” -Rev. Paul Benz Yesterday, the Senate Republican Majority Coalition Caucus released their budget (SB 5048). The public hearing on the bill took place in the Committee on Ways & Means, and FAN was one of close to 200 who testified. Most […]

Legislative Action, Week 10

Last Week’s Highlights HB 1646 – Fitzgibbons is a tax on carbon emissions in our state. Thanks to the Alliance for Jobs & Clean Energy, which FAN is a part of, last Wednesday’s public hearing in the House Committee on the Environment had an amazing turnout. Unfortunately, this bill will probably not move out of committee. There is a remote chance that it might play a part in the final budget negotiations because of the revenue it generates. It is probable that this bill will […]

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